The best consultancy possible

Thanks to an accurate and customised counselling activity and a broad spectrum and constantly updated grounding, Exante Consulting is in a position to manage the most complex corporate or property situations on behalf of individuals, Italian or foreign bodies and companies, thus providing its clients with suitable solutions to their own specific needs.

Administrative consultancy

We have a strong experience in the tax and administrative area for the normal operations that our customers must carry out in their work activities.

  • Preventive analysis and internal auditing.
  • Complete administration outsourcing (sales invoice issuing, document filing, commercial payments and collection management)
  • Consultancy for ordinary, extraordinary and group consolidated financial statements
  • Consultancy for settling the book-keeping directly at the client’s administrative office
  • Accounting book keeping and recording
  • Relations with the parent company, arrangement of periodical reports in various currencies and transfer pricing filing
  • Drawing up of Social Budget Reports and Sustainability Statements, analysis of ethical-social- environmental risks
  • Management reporting and assistance in auditing processes, financial ratios and analyses

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