The best consultancy possible

Thanks to an accurate and customised counselling activity and a broad spectrum and constantly updated grounding, Exante Consulting is in a position to manage the most complex corporate or property situations on behalf of individuals, Italian or foreign bodies and companies, thus providing its clients with suitable solutions to their own specific needs.

Corporate consulting

We have a strong experience in the tax and administrative area for the normal operations that our customers must carry out in their work activities.

    • Analysis prior to choice of most suitable corporate form for the client
    • Assistance to companies in the start-up phase and during day-to-day administration
    • Consulting on relations between members, companies and corporate bodies
    • Planning and management of equity investments trading and generation turnover
    • Consultancy and assistance in extraordinary operations
    • Accounting book keeping
    • Consultancy and assistance in contractual matters
    • Evalutation of companies and business branches
    • Drawing up and asseveration of assessment surveys
    • Company restructuring (turnaround) and reorganisation, closing down, contributions, mergers, transformations, demergers, business leases